Preparing to Exercise Schumi GoKart

Preparation Michael Schumacher returned to the Formula 1 event to start showing satisfactory results. Seven-time world champion is just completing training go kart on Thursday 6 August 2009 in Italy.
Using the buffer neck, Schumi Karting in his car near Lake Garda near Lonato. Destination buffer is not to be another Schumi when using the car to the latest Ferrari, F60. Moreover, German men's neck is still in trouble after the fall of 2009 early this motor.

"We have been through two days with Karting in Lonato," said Schumi as in lansir GP Update, Friday 7 August 2009.
"Luca (Badoer-drivers of Ferrari) and I get the time with very good," he added.
Schumi will go down in the European GP was held in Valencia, Spain. He temporarily replaces the role of Felipe Massa who has not recover from the accident in Hungary at the end of July. But Schumi encountered obstacles because the F60 has never been directly above the track.
This is because of restrictions from the International Federation automobiles for each team to test in the middle of the season. The reason was simple, to save expenses of the participants F1.
Request FIA and Ferrari on the other nine participants also declined. How does not want, Schumi and the team jump up and down play Horses brain. They finally using Karting race as training sessions for Schumi.

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