Princess Diana Death Documentary Film Causes Controversy

Princess Diana Death Documentary Film Causes Controversy - A documentary film featuring a picture of Princess Diana, when dying after a car crash in Paris in 1997, the work of a paparazzi, has sparked controversy, three days before the film was played in front of the media and prospective buyers at Cannes , France."Unlawful Killing", directed by British actor Keith Allen and supported by Mohamed Al-Fayed - whose son Imad "Dodi" al-Fayed were killed along with Princess Diana - is scheduled to be played at the Cannes film festival on Friday (13/5). A spokesman for the supporters of the film is trying to belittle the importance of the controversial film, after a friend of Princess Diana expressed anger toward the film.
"We received these pictures from one Italian magazine, which has been broadcast in full. It is also available in social networking. Just in the British press chose to blacken the face of Princess Diana."Our movie was shown in Britain and the trailer was only viewable in the UK through a network of official film. Therefore, we could not broadcast anything that was witnessed by other parts of the world.But friends of Princess Diana, whose death marked the low point of the British monarchy's popularity in the face of society, reacted angrily.
"If this is true, then this is really disgusting," said Rosa Monckton, a vacation with Princess Diana a few weeks before he died."The fact that so many people trying to earn money - which they do now - from his death really made me ... can not say anything," said Rosa told the British newspaper, the Daily Mail, Tuesday (10/5) .
The film aims to prove that the investigation in 2007-2008 for the death of Princess Diana cover-up by the "institutions" and "dark forces", said a statement from the filmmakers.

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