Dear Feeling Hamilton can compete with Schumacher

Lewis Hamilton and honored that such distinction can get a race against Michael Schumacher in the Formula 1 track. This is expressed by drivers in the UK, on Thursday (30 / 7).
"I am very happy with the possible return of Schumacher to Formula 1. He is one of the biggest athletes and became legends. It will be very honored to compete with it," said team mclaren drivers this.

Schumacher, 40, will sit back in the car Ferrari Felipe Massa replace the need to rest due to the length of injury. German drivers who reach the title seven times Formula 1 world champion is likely to appear at the Valencia GP, next month. Schumacher himself had decided retirement from Formula 1 in 2006.
Hamilton, who was still nine years old when Schumacher grab a degree that the first world champion, says the world will await the return to rear wheel Schumacher Formula 1 car in Valencia. According to him, not only interesting things to see Schumacher prepare to race again in Formula 1.
"It is also an honor and distinction for them in the racing arena. I hope he can achieve success," said Hamilton.

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