Michael Schumacher Cancel Replace Mass

Formula 1 lover hopes to see action again Michael Schumacher does not seem intended kesampean. Schumi is prepared to replace the position of Felipe Massa in the Ferrari team must cancel a desire to return to the racing arena. Neck injury prevents drivers dream comeback for Germany is to the circuit.
Schumi decision to return belapan following a severe accident which befall Massa in Hungary circuit two weeks ago. However, the plan is to be canceled because of severe injuries experienced drivers aged 40 years.

"It can not be pitied us overcome the injury that dileherku. Medical team has performed in various ways for healing, but it's just difficult for me to compete again," said Schumacher in the Formula 1 site, on Tuesday (11 / 8). The record seven-times world champion is an injury bersepada during the month of February. Due to drop from the bicycle to make Schumi neck injury.
"Neck I can not stand with sturdy. Therefore, I do not pass the test before the last fight in Formula 1," he added. Schumi to make this decision failed to appear in European racing series that will take place in Valencia, 23 August to come.

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