Jenson Button Sell Cars Rp 15 billion

One of the activities carried out by Jenson Button in the holiday period this is to sell one car collection. Cars Bugatti brand Veryon that he separated the price of Rp 15 billion.Button's car "is kind" at a car dealership that Steve Hurn Cars ber headquarters in Suffolk, England."Dijual Veryon Bugatti 16.4 black and interior is also black. Previous car was a form of service improvements for the normal super car that worth 1 million Pounds Sterling.""Cars are equipped with a sport-style seat, previously owned by F1 drivers, and it can be proved. Cars in conditions that are very startling," the writing on the site such as Steve Hurn Cars made Telegraph.

Button to remove the car with the price of 900 thousand Pounds Sterling, or almost 15 billion rupiah. Brawn The GP is the second owner of the car.Bugatti Veyron owned inamorato Jessica Michibata has a maximum speed of 407 kilometers per hour or faster 53 kilometers per hour, compared to its BrawnGP car. With a capacity of 8 liter W16 engine and four turbocharger, Bugatti Veyron acceleration to be able to do almost 100 kilometers per hour in 2.5 seconds.How does this car's ability? In test drive the Top Gear magazine, the car race on the plane, Cessna 182 through a distance of Alba, northern Italy to London. Bugatti Veyron result first arrived in the capital city of the UK. Button knows what the purpose of selling one's collection. May be bored or garage because the car is not enough. For the UK this berkebangsaan drivers still have a Mercedes CLK DTM AMG, Ferrari enzo, Audi R26 Avant, BMW M5, and Mercedes C63 AMG.

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