Defer Launch of the MP4-26, McLaren Remain Optimistic

Defer Launch of the MP4-26, McLaren Remain Optimistic - As is known, FIA Formula 1 team banned for testing out pre-determined schedule. Accordingly, each opportunity must be utilized as possible to evaluate the cars they own.

But instead decided to release McLaren MP4-26, which will be driven by Lewis Hamilton and Jenso Button, 4 February, or three days after the first test session in Valencia, Spain, finished. Training session itself lasts for three days.

Whitmarsh remained confident, that decision will not damage their title chances next season. He reveals, the MP4-26 will undergo its first test at the second session in Jerez, Spain, 10-13 February.

"We have long made the decision, and still remain on this decision," Whitmarsh said as quoted from Planet F1. "It was quite balanced because now live a little winter we have to face and we're developing a car that must comply with technical regulations are complicated."

"We have decided to allow time for our expert technicians aerodynamics and extra time of 10 days, which did not seem too long, but in Formula One long enough period, enough to improve performance," he continued.

"So did we deliberately (delay the launch), no matter what people interpret, and indeed in the end it did not affect well for us. What matters is whether our cars fast enough to win races and World Champion title next season. "

"So we will launch February 4, but the car will change during the next few days after undergoing trials, and after that it will evolve rapidly towards the first race."

Whitmarsh sponsor Red Bull, which became world champion last season, Ferrari and Mercedes, as McLaren's strongest rivals.

"We wanted to look strong this year, I think Ferrari will, just like Red Bull, just as strong. I also believe Mercedes will be much stronger this year than last year, "said Whitmarsh.

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