Alonso Three Big Sound in Valencia

Renaut drivers, Fernando Alonso, is optimistic the European Grand Prix held at the Valencia circuit on Sunday 23 August 2009. Alonso confident this time able to reach her position three.
Alonso appearance rate in the previous GP is very satisfying. Although at the time Alonso failed to complete the race because of tire, Alonso see something different."Appearance in Hungary we are very giving spirit, so the car is faster and we successfully seize pole position."
"Stop running when the race was disappointing, but I see the bright side of the car more competitive. So the only reasonable hope we can get a podium fight," he added.

Renault sumringah the middle of the Valencia GP this weekend. Section of an inch they can not appear because the incident despite the ban Hungarian GP. However, through the appeal hearing, Renault is only required to pay a fine only.
Alonso is now more additional partners have named new Romain Grosjean. Young drivers is of Nelson Piquet Jr. the sack early August.

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