F1 2011 Will and Attract Success

Ferrari, Fernando Alonso, believes that regulatory changes will make Formula 1 car racing's most prestigious competition is getting exciting. Because the use of wings that can move and re-use kinetic energy recovery systems in next season to make the action more often overtaking terjadi.Sebenarnya, previous experiments to change the F1 races, such as changes in aerodynamics in 2009, was not too successful. However, according to Alonso, the new rules package will be successful.
"Supposedly, the normal F1 rule changes every year will make it more spectacular, so there is overtaking maneuver and presents a better performance," said 2005 and 2006 world champion, said in an interview Ferrari.

"It is true that in 2011 there were two major changes in legislation, namely kers and rear wing which can be moved when we have an opportunity to overtake. I think it is a combination that gives us a higher speed than the car in front.

"Therefore, I am sure next year, the rule would help overtaking and we will have a better show to everyone."

Spanish rider is added, the combination of KERS systems, wings, and the change to Bridgestone tires from Pirelli to be a big challenge for the designers team. They will try to ensure his car in the 2011 season can be a maximum of three new things.

"One important thing is the tire problems, which normally will change car habits, so we must be sure that Pirelli has a good coordinate with our car," Alonso said.

"Then we have the KERS, who returned after 2009, and in 2011 will be an important thing to overtake and our performance. We need to find ways to prepare the car so that the use of KERS going well," he continued.

"Then there is the rear wing that can be moved, which would make the performance better, and there is a new area to experiment and exploit our performance."

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