Hamilton is optimistic maintain Degree Champion

Former world champion Lewis Hamilton optimisitis able to repeat the success on the Formula 1 race this season. The GP mclaren is sure, a reduction in value that had never hindered the acceptance of step to maintain the world champion title. At this time Hamilton was in the position to 10-Klasemen while. However, he does not want to throw a towel and keep trying to pursue victory in each series.

"I think everything is still running well, only a few drivers are slightly in front of me," Hamilton said to the journalist after the free practice sessions (free practice) such as 2. "Everything can still happen in the remaining 14 have a race." Hamilton the racing this season with less satisfactory results. He and his team mclaren allegedly because of a lie does not give proper explanation for the existence of the steward at the car Trulli (Toyota) in the GP race in Australia, March 29, 2009 ago.
At that time, the car is being Trulli slipped outside of the track along with the safety car, Hamilton would not forestall Trulli. Soon the race msh restrained because safety car, Hamilton deliberately put the car on the road to Trulli. As a result, Trulli get penalties because they precede Hamilton safety car while still in progress. Degree Trulli third podium was removed and submitted to the Hamilton finis in order to-4.
But later on after the FIA back problem, can be a conversation that occurred between the Hamilton mclaren to give way on Trulli. Finally, the FIA is to restore a degree-3 podium on Trulli and Hamilton on the points awarded not punished because they are giving false information when the steward asks occurrence indeed.
Not easy for Hamilton to realize that tekadnya. At least he and his team have to work hard in every race series including the Bahrain GP.
Hamilton looks at the free practice sessions Bahrain GP has not been stable. Sessions in the first world champion years ago as it works out the notes with the fastest time 1:33.647. While in the second session, Hamilton would melorot to the rank-11 to note the time 1:33.994.
"Competition is very tight. We do not know what fuel is used by other teams, but we are really developing. Unfortunately, there are still some drivers that are still faster than us," Hamilton demolished.

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SiApih [WARINFO] said...

akhirnya gw yang pertamax klasmen selamanya..

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wah curang si APIH tukang warung.. harus gw yang pertamaxx..

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PD aja kalee dapat yang Pertamaaa

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Sikap optimis yang bagus buat hamilton

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