FIA heat, Vatanen challenging Mosley

Reli former world champion, Ari Vatanen launch campaign for the position of president of formula one world institution (FIA), Friday (10 / 7). He believes incumbent Max Mosley will still run in the upcoming FIA presidential election. However, still not clear whether Mosley will be re-run.
Previously, Mosley had announced will not participate in the FIA president election will be held later in October. However, he then took back dikabarkan in tension with the nomination after the eight teams that competed F1 return heat.
Formula One Teams Association (FOTA) will create a series of threatening competitor racing action after a walk out on meetings with the FIA, Wednesday. Enmity began Mosley's desire to limit the budget to prevent rupture in the FOTA. However, some teams refuse to read the restrictions: F1 threatened broken

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ApihSOFt said...

siap meluncur ke TKP sob

SiApih [WARINFO] said...

sama ke TKP meluncur sob

Anonymous said...

Jangan ribut2 ya...mas yang rukun saja toh, Mosley presiden incumbent FIA harus lengser ganti dong sama Ari Vatanen yang lebih kapibilitas

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